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Welcome to craigs jukebox, a free popular station of choice. Our station is made up of talented individuals who work around the clock in order to bring you the greatest hits of All Time! Play 24/7, Non-stop and Comm Free.

Our Most Popular Show is the Best of the 50's, 60's, 70's, every day from 12am till 9pm (pct). This show is an assortment of Oldies, Motown/R&B, Classic Rock, Disco, and more!


(80s Plus), (B-4 Doo Wops), (Genre Noon Hour), (Sunday Vault Playlists), and Soon Coming, (Medleys)

The (80s Plus Show) is an assortment from 80s, 90s, 00s, from 9pm till Midnight. The (B-4 Doo Wop) show is an assortment of Doo Wops, Hit Parade, Sinatra, Big Bands, and even a few Swing Songs, Every Sunday 3am till 6am (pct).
Our Noon Hour Genre Special:

Mon, Motown - Tues 50s - Wed 60s - Thurs Disco - Fri Classic Rock - Sat 70s, and Sunday is Our Hand Picked Oldies / Vault Playlists, and Soon To Come Medleys.

We have the best, most creative Jingles you ever heard!

The Vault Playlists: Is over 150 Playlists blended together with the best oldies. 

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Your Feedback is very important! For comments, suggestions, or requests, email

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Tune in to craigs jukebox and discover all that we have to offer.

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There’s tons of radio shows to choose from so what makes us special? First and Foremost, We are totally listener driven!
This means while you listen to us, we are listening to you! You have requests, suggestions, or comments, please email us at If it means keeping you as a loyal listener and just as important, telling all your friends about us,
you have our full attention!
By choosing craigs jukebox as your favorite Radio Station, you will immediately be exposed to the best selection of #1 hits ever recorded. We’re committed to growth and expansion as well as your needs and wants that’s why we’re the best listening choice for everyone. 
Thanks For Listening!

Radio Show


What’s Playing When

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12am to 9pm Daily

This is the most popular show on our station. Tune in to discover all the hits you've been missing, and enjoy all the classics. Whether you’re looking for the top hits from the 50s, 60,s 70s, or looking for those one-hit wonders, we got em all
on craigs jukebox. Oldies show is 12am to 9pm daily.

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80'S PLUS / 80'S, 90'S & 00'S

9pm to 12am (pct)

Tune in every evening from 9 PM PCT till Midnight to enjoy the best music from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Michael Jackson, Lionelle Richie, Prince, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdule, and many, many others.



12 Noon (pct)

This is one of the most requested shows on our station. Tune in each day at noon to discover the greatest hits and enjoy the classics of the genre. Whats your favorite? Monday Motown, Tues The 50s, Wed The 60s, Thurs Disco, Friday Classic Rock, Saturday The 70s and Sunday Our Own Mix. There’s always something new to discover when you listen to Craigs jukebox.


At craigs jukebox we’ve got tons of music in our library. Songs from the Big Bands, right up to today. (New) Sunday Mornings,
Our B-4 Doo Wop Show. An assortment of Doo Wops, Big Bands, Swings, The Hit Parade, Sinatra & More. So whether you’re taste in music is old or newer, we will have a time spot for you. 
Many requests for these so Sunday mornings from 3am to 6am (pct) you can
Enjoy our B-4 Doo Wop Show.


*** NEW B-4 DOO WOP SHOW ***



CRAIGS JUKEBOX / OLDIES RADIO has one simple mission in mind, to bring to you the best music ever recorded AND to bring you radio the way it's supposed to be!
Because of Listeners like YOU, this station is fast becoming one of the most popular Oldies Internet Sites and we Thank You! As part of our need to grow with you, we opened up the VAULT and found thousands of unplayed songs. These are all great hits that have simply been forgotten over time. But we will not stand for that! We are dusting them off as we speak and putting them all into several playlists. There are aprox 150+ playlists that will be at least 90 minutes each. (Thats alot of golden hit music)
We have uploaded all these playlists and will play them in order every Sunday Morning from 6am till around noon. They will be called The Vault Playlist. (001 - 150) +
Check the Craigsjukebox Home Page Every Week for the upcoming Sunday scheduling!
*NEW EVENTS* Christmas & New Years.... Nov 24th thru Jan 1st, We are adding hundreds of the best Christmas Music ever recorded into the Giant Jukebox and mixing them with all your favorite Oldies, then on Christmas Eve at 7pm (pct) and Christmas Day at 7am, we will play 3 hours of the best Uninterrupted Christmas Music of all time! Also to kick off the New Year, on Jan 1st 2021 at 9am we are going to play over 14 hours of the most requested oldies of all time, uninterrupted and comm free. Please join us and Thanks For Listening!



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